Given the vast library of Jiu Jitsu techniques, for many students learning Jiu Jiu may seem overwhelming; therefore, we sought to simplify the learning process and make it more efficient and enjoyable

Prior to developing our curriculum, we researched thousands of techniques from which we identified 11 key positions—each having an offensive and defensive (or top/bottom) component. From each of these 11 positions we then identified up to 5 possible actions the player can make. Based on our research we developed an extensive 16-week curriculum that addresses each of the 11 key positions and 5 actions; using this curriculum, on a rotating basis, our students will systematically explore the vast library of Jiu Jitsu techniques in varying levels of complexity

In terms of implementing the curriculum, UJJA’s teaching format focuses not just on procedural learning (i.e., memorizing techniques) but also on declarative learning (i.e., understanding the techniques); thereby eliminating randomness and creating a structured learning experience, giving our students the tools to able to actively think and strategize during training, sparring, and competition matches

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